Hi! I’m Lloyd.

I’ve always pushed myself when learning things, from hobbies to professional skills to languages, but I have always seemed to hit a wall in terms of my progression. I could just never break through that wall to feel like a ‘master’ of something.

This really hit me hard when I was living in Tokyo, Japan, as a game programmer. I spent my 20s doing boring jobs like working construction, in retail and the soul numbing reality of a call center, studying Japanese and programming as a hobby. I realised I wasn’t getting any younger, and went for my dream to work in the Japanese games industry, depsite my total lack of professional experience.

I went to Japan,  and after making ends meet as a private English teacher for 18 months finally got my break. I was so happy and excited, but I found that my communication skills needed some serious work. So I increased the frequency of the Japanese lessons I was taking, I scribbled notes about grammar and vocab in books I took with me, I studied and studied and…it got all too much for me.

I still want to progress and “master” a few things, including Japanese, so I thought it would be fun to blog about it, learn to be a better writer and reach out to a few people in the process.

This blog seeks learn about what it takes to go beyond average, to becoming great at something in different fields as well as talking in depth about whatever my current endeavour is. I hope you can also achieve your goals, whatever they are.

I currently (still) work in the video games industry as a software engineer in London, specialising in runtime systems and rendering. Whatever you do, don’t ask me about network programming topics.